Our Passion For Cheesecakes


Our passion for baking started at a young age. Every weekend our grandmother would bake her favorite cakes  and let us help.    With that knowledge and it  made us strive to bake delicious cakes like her.  

Did You Know?



Cherry’s Baking Company first started out as A Touch of Tee in 2011. When I started out in business I thought it would be a great name for my business. The only problem was by looking at the name you didn’t know what A Touch of Tee was or did. I often heard what do you do? So with that, I decided to change the name to Cheesecakes and More by Atouchoftee. 

Well, that name was too long and the name showed that I did cheesecakes, but wasn’t specific. People thought I only did cheesecakes and not anything else, so I changed the name again to a name that I thought would work Cherry’s Cheesecakes and More. Again, it focused on Cheesecakes and not everything I bake as a whole, so I changed the name again in March of 2017 to Cherry’s Baking Company.  In business change happens all the time. We are constantly re-branding in order to keep up with the times, our current and prospective customers. So Now You Know!!!!

Cherry's Baking Company's On the Scene


 Cherry's Baking Company was asked to make eight pans of our fruit cobblers for our newest business contract and  their students.

And the Winner Is?