*Wholesale Option Only* White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake



Are you interested in upgrading your restaurant dessert menu? Maybe you’re a brewery looking to add a little “Cherry’s” to your establishment. If you’re looking to bring an outstanding, made from scratch cheesecake to your customers, you’ve come to the right place. Cherry’s Baking Company is a wholesale cheesecake provider ready to bring your brand to new heights.
Delivery Details:

  • We offer weekly deliveries of pre-sliced cheesecakes to our partners. Our cakes can be ordered in many different styles that are all hand-made.
  • How Do We Order?: Cherry’s Baking Company Partners can either order directly by email or phone.
  • Retailers can order 9″ cheesecakes that come pre-sliced (8 pieces per cake) 12 per case. Making it easy for your chefs, kitchen staff or business owners to top and serve within seconds or receiving your orders.
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Partnering with Cherry’s Baking Company will allow you to offer delicious cheesecake that your guests will happily devour. Become part of our family and share our cheesecakes with your consumers!

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The contrasting flavors of the sweet white chocolate cheesecake and the tangy red raspberries create a deliciously harmonious combination in this stunning dessert. The creaminess of the cheesecake complements the tartness of the raspberries, resulting in a delightful treat that is both visually appealing and incredibly tasty.

Additional information

Price Breakdown

Cost per cake/ $32.00
Per piece cost/ $4.00
SRP/ $7-9
PROFIT PER PIECE/ PER CAKE/ $3.25-$5.00/$22-$40